16-Apr-14Coast Road 21 - 16th April 2014
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16-Apr-14Results Finder updated
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12-Apr-14Torver (L201)SpoCo - 12th April 2014
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10-Apr-14Coast Road 10 - 9th April 2014
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07-Apr-142014 Event list updated
Marshalling information updated.
Note: We require more marshals for a lot of events.
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04-Apr-142014 Gallery updated
Kirkby Slate Road HC pics
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02-Apr-14Coast Road 10 - 2nd April 2014
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31-Mar-14Course Records Updated
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31-Mar-14Kirkby Slate Road Hill Climb
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31-Mar-14Hospice Hill Climb Series - 2014
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11-Mar-14Charity Coast to Coast event
July 11-13, 2014
Calvert Trust, Lake District
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20-Feb-142014 Sportive List updated
A list of some of the more 'local to us' events.
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16-Feb-14Tubular Tyre repair service
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25-Jan-14Stuart Hall Cycling holidays
Adam Pickthall recommends the above for cycle training in Majorca.
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15-Jan-14Information on club clothing for Road Races and 2-up Open Time Trials
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18-Nov-132013 Prize winners
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18-Sep-132013 Gallery updated
Retro night pics and 7th Aug TT
Thanks to Martyn Uttley for those
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Reminder - Bigland Hill Climb - Tuesday 22nd April

Just a reminder about the Topmark sponsored Bigland Hill Climb this coming Tuesday.  Meet at the Clocktower, sign on is at 6pm with the event starting at 6:30pm.

There are prizes in 5 categories...
Juniors, Womens, Mens, Vets (45+) and MTB (must have knobbly tyres).

Spread the word and let's get a good turnout.

Any interest in an Inter-Club 25 on Levens - 9th July?

We're trying to gauge interest in re-introducing an inter-club 25 on Levens on the 9th July (we'll re-arrange our Cartmel event if need be).

Clubs involved would be Barrow Central Wheelers, Lakes RC, Kent Valley RC, Lune RCC, Lancaster CC and Cleveleys RC.

If you would be interested in riding this event, please let know asap.



Cumbria Summer CX event - Ulverston - Saturday 12th July

Howard Lindow (Lakes RC) has organised a Cyclo-Cross event at Ulverston Victoria High School on Saturday 12th July.

Three events are being held...

  • Under 12's - 15mins
  • Youths (Under 16) - 30mins
  • Juniors, Seniors, Vets, Women - 1hr

Full details available here

SpoCo - Coniston Grand Prix (L201)

Saturday 12th April saw 32 riders take to the start of the Barrow Central Wheelers Coniston Grand Prix, held on the Torver course. A tough day with strong cold blustery winds and some rain.
Overall winner was Richard Bickley (Border City Wheelers) in a time of 53:18. The clubs own Colin McKenna was second with 54:33. and Julian Pearson (Team Hoppers Rollers) third with 55:54.

On the timed climb of Grizebeck Hill, Richard Bickley (Border City Wheelers) was fastest in 7:59, Peter Greenwood (Team Swift) was second in 8:08 and Colin McKenna (Barrow Central Wheelers) was third with 8:14.

Club and other local riders times were as follows...

Position (SPOCO) RiderClub Time Hill Climb time
2 (2)Colin McKenna BCW0:54:33 8:14
5 (5)Chris Anderson Lakes RC0:56:09 8:52
9 (9)John O'Callaghan BCW0:56:56 8:54
12 (12)Andrew Whalley Lakes RC0:57:32 8:22
15 (15)Howard Lindow Lakes RC0:59:09 8:57
19 (18)Glenn Rhodes BCW1:00:19 9:19
20 (19)Connor Furness BCW1:00:28 9:55
21 (20)Eamonn Quinn Lakes RC1:00:44 9:54
22 (21)Shaun Johnston BCW1:01:25 9:26

Full results available here

See the SPOCO website for a full list of events.

SpoCo - Circuit of the Dales 50 (L503)

120 riders took to the start of the Nelson Wheelers 20 mile SPOCO held on Sunday 6th April. Conditions were windy, with a headwind on the section to Hawes.
The winner was James Gullen (Velosure Giordana) in a time of 2:02:37, with Tjevan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy) second in 2:03:33 and Peter Williams (Haribo Beacon) third with 2:05:19.

Club and other local riders times were as follows...

Position (SPOCO) RiderClub Time
22 (5)Chris Anderson Lakes RC2:20:43
23 (6)Colin McKenna BCW2:20:45
62 (28)Glenn Rhodes BCW2:35:37
72 (35)Eamonn Quinn Lakes RC2:41:01
90 (43)Graham Pitcher BCW2:50:10

Full results available here

See the SPOCO website for a full list of events.

SpoCo - Border City 20 (L202)

42 riders took to the start of the Border City 20 mile SPOCO event on the L202 course on Sunday 30th March in what was described as 'pleasant' conditions.
The winner was Border City Wheelers junior Alex Foster who set a new course record time of 0:49:12.
Tony Johnston was the sole rider for Barrow Central Wheelers finishing with a time of 1:06:15.

Local riders times were as follows...

Position (SPOCO) RiderClub Time
5 (3)Chris Anderson Lakes RC0:51:21
19 (15)Eamonn Quinn Lakes RC0:55:27
24 (19)Graham Carrick Lakes RC0:56:45
39 (34)Tony Johnston BCW1:06:15

Full results available here

See the SPOCO website for a full list of events.

Kirkby Slate Road Hill Climb - Sunday 30th March

The first of the Hospice Hill Climb Series events took place in glorious weather on Sunday morning.
Turn out was low due to clashes with SPOCO's, Sportives and Mothers Day! but that didn't deter Dave Huck of Lakes RC who flew up the course to set a new course record of 4:01, beating the previous record by a huge 22 seconds.

Results here
Read all about it here.

Full information on the Hospice Hill Climb Series here

Col McKenna takes on the Tommy Godwin Challenge (205 miles)

On Sunday 23rd March, Col McKenna took on the Raleigh 'Tommy Godwin Challenge', the aim of which is to ride an 'average' Tommy Godwin day of 205 miles.
Col's kindly written up all the gory details of his epic day.

Read all about it here.

ProBikeKit - 15% discount offer - ends 30th April

ProBikeKit have just sent us an e-mail containing a site-wide discount code of 15%, valid until 30th April 2014.

The code to use at checkout is CLUB15UK

Feel free to forward on to friends etc.

2014 Events List - Marshals required

Timekeepers and Marshals have now been added to the 2014 events list, but as you can see we require more marshals for many of the events.
If you can help, then please let Glenn or Allan know as soon as possible. Remember, if we don't have the required number of marshals we cannot run the event.

Glenn has had 2 marshalling forms handed to him with no names on. These are shown on the events list as ANON1 and ANON2. If you can let us know who you are, we'll give you the publicity you deserve.

 SpoCo - Circuit of Ingleborough TT - Results

In tough windy conditions again (what's new!), 76 riders took to the start of the Pendle Forest 27 mile course.
Rapha Condor JLT riders Hugh Carthy and Richard Handley took the top 2 spots in times of 1:03:24 and 1:03:44 respectively, well ahead of third placed rider Ian Bibby of Madison Genesis who finished in 1:07:07.

Club rider Colin McKenna had a lucky escape when he hit a pothole and broke the stem on his TT bike, having to abandon after just 2 miles.  Graham Pitcher and Tony Johnston flew the flag for the club, finishing in 58th and 69th place overall respectively.

Local riders times were as follows...

Position (SPOCO) RiderClub Time
18 (8)Chris Anderson Lakes RC1:15:44
44 (26)Eamonn Quinn Lakes RC1:24:12
58 (35)Graham Pitcher BCW1:28:02
69 (42)Tony Johnston BCW1:36:11

Full results available here

See the SPOCO website for a full list of events.

SpoCo - Border City Caldbeck 29 mile Hilly TT - Results

In windy conditions, 39 riders took to the start of the Border City 29 Caldbeck course.
Rapha Condor JLT riders filled 3 of the top 4 spots, with Hugh Carthy just pipping his team mate Richard Handley to first place in a fast time of 1:07:44.

Club riders Colin McKenna and Glenn Rhodes both had good rides, finishing 9th and 19th overall respectively, giving them valuable points for both the SPOCO individual and club competitions.

Local riders times were as follows...

Position (SPOCO) RiderClub Time
  9 (3)Colin McKenna BCW1:17:17
19 (12)Glenn Rhodes BCW1:23:18
21 (13)Graham Carrick Lakes RC1:23:57

Full results available here

After 2 events, the club are now 3rd in the club table with 448 points while in the individual tables, Colin McKenna is in 2nd place with 229 points, and Glenn Rhodes in 6th with 201.

See the SPOCO website for a full list of events.

NLTTA 2014 Handbook

The NLTTA have produced a handbook containing lists of events, records holders etc for 2014.

It's available as a PDF here.

SpoCo - Bolton by Bowland 10.3 mile Hilly TT - Results

The first results are in for the start of the SPOCO season.

In almost ideal conditions, 80 riders took to the start on the Rossendale RC run hilly course. There were some fast times, with Craig Battersby (Team Chronomaster) taking first place in a time of 25:04.

Club and other local riders times were as follows...

Position (SPOCO) RiderClub Time
17 (10)Colin McKenna BCW27:08
42 (27)Glenn Rhodes BCW28:49
49 (32)Eamonn Quinn Lakes RC29:19
71 (48)Paul Maxwell Lakes RC33:16

Full results available here

So, after 1 event, the club are 9th in the club table with 205 points and Colin McKenna is 10th in the individual with 111 points.

Next event is the Border City 29 (L291) on Saturday 8th March.
See the SPOCO website for a full list of events.

NLTTA Combined Clubs 6 mile TT - Result

A great turnout for the first NLTTA Combined Clubs event of the season saw 108 riders making the start. Unfortunately due to road works the course had to be shortened from 10 to 6 miles.
The event was won by Matt Pilkington (Cleveleys Road Club) in a time of 13:00.
Three club members rode the event and finished as follows...

35th Graham Pitcher15:31
67th Tony Johnston16:53
108th Jim Lawley (Trike)25:21

Congratulations to all.
Full results available here, or on Facebook here.

Raleigh 'Tommy Godwin 205 mile Challenge'

Those who were at the club dinner in 2012 will remember Dave Barter telling us all about Tommy Godwin's 1939 record breaking feat when he rode 75,060 miles in a year. That's an average of 205 miles a day, every day, for a year!

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of this record, which still stands, Raleigh have thrown down a challenge which put simply, is to do one 'Tommy Godwin'  average ride (205 miles) in one day.

You choose the course. It can be absolutely anything you like e.g. circuit(s), out and back, or just 'out'. It simply has to be 205 miles (or more) and be completed in one day.

There'll be a monthly prize draw with 205 of accessories being up for grabs for successful completion of the challenge.

Full details of the challenge are available here, and here is a link to tips, ride reports and the 'hall of fame' for those who have completed the challenge.

Anyone fancy trying it?

Allan NelsonCumbria Cracker Sportive - 3rd for Col McKenna

The annual Cumbria Cracker sportive took place on Sunday 17th November from Grasmere, with approx 850 riders starting the 57 mile event.

Col McKenna turned in a strong performance in the damp and cool conditions, recording an excellent 3rd place in a time of 3:01:49.

Overall placings for BCW riders were as follows...

Position RiderTime
3 Colin McKenna3:01:49
109 Gary Todd3:41:33
146 Allan Nelson3:48:21
214 Steve Brereton3:59:25

Full results are available here.


Fred Whitton Challenge on fixed? - Bonkers

As some of you will know, Howard Lindow of the Lakes Road Club recently rode the 4 Seasons Fred Whitton Challenge route on fixed.
Anyone who's ever ridden the Fred will understand just how tough that probably is (as we're not daft enough to ever want to attempt it).
So, in Howard's own words...

Read all about it here

Results Finder

I've created a page which allows you to search/filter/sort club results.
Currently I've got all results from 2009 onwards in the system and will add as many of the others as I can as time permits.

I'd be grateful for any feedback on how you find it, any changes you might like to suggest etc etc (just so I feel like I've not been flogging a dead horse ;-)

At the very least it'll be useful for collating who's won what at the end of the season.

You can access it from the Events/Results menu above - just click on Results Finder.

Trophy Information

We've just started trying to pull all the trophy information together.

I've put up a trophies page which you can get to here or via the Events/Results option on the menu bar above.

Bear with us as it's a pretty time consuming task! Over the years trophies have been 're-allocated' as courses changed or were scrapped altogether (Barrow-Newby Bridge-Barrow anyone?). We'll try and reflect this in the lists where possible if we can find date/course information.

If you spot any errors or can fill in any gaps then don't hesitate to let me know.

So how much faster are we going now?

Looking at an old diary from 1991, I thought it'd be interesting to see how times 21 years ago compared to those of today. I must admit I got a bit of a surprise. The link below shows a couple of events (Circuit of Coniston and Haverthwaite) to compare.

Comparison events 1991 / 2012

Something to read while the rain lashes the windows...

Rules is rules...
A bit of light relief after all those heroics. The UCI might have their rules, but really these are the ones that matter.  I particularly like Rule 5 and its accompanying video.
The Rules

Bad Weather Riding...
So, with the snow, rain and wind you think you've been a bit of a hero venturing out on the bike do you? Or perhaps you think that Andy Hampsten's ride over the Gavia in the 1988 Giro was the pinnacle of suffering?
Naaah - This is heroic - Milan - San Remo 1910 edition

Getting the miles in...
A few people have heard of Tommy Godwin the track cyclist, and very good he was too. Unfortunately, not many seem to have heard of another Tommy Godwin.
If you think you're going to get some serious miles in over the winter, then read this and weep.  As if breaking the year record with a phenomenal 75,065 miles wasn't enough, he carried on to break the  100,000 mile record in exactly 500 days - at least it makes it easy to work out!
I can't help feeling you'd have to be a bit bonkers to do this, but as the write up says, this record will never be beaten, and you can't say that about many cycling records.  The 1939 Stats link is interesting - you can compare your days mileage with what Tommy did on that day ;-)
Dave Barter who's "Writing the Book" (see above) is also writing a book on Tommy 'Mile-Eater' Godwin and the distance record in general, using Tommy's original diaries etc to chart the mileage.
Tommy 'mile-eater' Godwin

About the Club

The Barrow Central Wheelers was formed in 1933 when two of the clubs of that era combined. The club gets its name from the Barrow Central railway station where the first club runs started from.

Over the years, the club has taken part in all forms of cycling and cycle racing with some of it's members representing Great Britain at the highest level.
At the present time the club is predominantly a time trialling club promoting 3 open events and 21 club events each year with an annual prize giving held at the end of October.

The club still has a small active road racing section and a touring group that have very close ties to the Cumbria Cycling Club which is active most weekends and organises weekend runs and at least one major continental tour each year.