Howard Lindow has once again done all the donkey work for us by arranging the Hospice Hill Climb series again for 2015.

There will be 4 hill climbs this year, with the final event on the Knotallow course counting for the inter-club trophy. 
We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Howard for doing all the unglamorous work (police forms, CTT authorisations, badgering possible sponsors and the like) - the stuff we all take for granted when we just turn up and ride.

Howard has also put together a load of useful information both on the races themselves, and why we're doing it.  Use the links below to get more information and if you need to know more, or anything is unclear then just email us using the Contacts link above.

What do I need to do if I want to enter?
The Courses
The Categories - including the Inter-Club Competition
The Rules & Regulations
The Sponsors
The Prizes

We hope to see you at these events, and if you fancy something a bit 'flatter' then see the Events Calendar for a full list of Club events.
You'll be made more than welcome.