Full event list for 2014  (Click on the course name to see the route and profile)

Entry fees for club events are 3 for Seniors, 2 for Juniors.

  DateEventStartCourse Timekeeper Marshals
tick 30/03/2014Kirkby Slate Road HC10:00 Kirkby Slate Rd S.Jenkin & M.Speight B.Furness
tick 02/04/201410 Club Event18:30Coast Road M.Speight & S.Jenkin R.Lindsay & S.Smith
tick 09/04/201410 Club Event18:30Coast Road M.Speight & S.Jenkin A.Nelson & S.Brereton
tick 12/04/2014 BCW Open - SPOCO14:00 Torver (L201) TBC I.Robinson, I.Saunders, J.Lawley, R.Lindsay,
M.Uttley, T.Johnston, G.Pitcher, 1 Marshal required
tick 16/04/201421 Club Event 18:00 Coast Road-21 S.Jenkin & M.Speight J.Husband, M.Edwards (Roose), S.Smith
tick 22/04/2014Bigland HC 18:30 Bigland S.Jenkin & W.Jenkinson  
tick 23/04/201410 Club Event 19:00Haverthwaite M.Speight & S.Jenkin M.Uttley & G.Carrick
tick 30/04/2014Circuit of Coniston18:30Lowick S.Jenkin & M.Speight I.Robinson, G&B Jackson, S.Jackson, R.Lindsay, A.Nelson.
cross 07/05/201410 Club Event19:00Haverthwaite M.Speight & S.Jenkin H.Lindow, Anon1
tick 14/05/2014Hadwin Cup 2519:00 Haverthwaite S.Jenkin & M.Speight S.Smith & P.Hercberg
tick 19/05/2014Woodland HC 18:30 Woodland    
tick 21/05/201410 Club Event19:00Haverthwaite M.Speight & M.Uttley C.McKenna & S.Brereton
cross 28/05/2014Circuit of Coniston19:00Lowick S.Jenkin & M.Speight I.Robinson, P.McKenny, A.Nelson
tick 04/06/201410 Club Event (2-up night)19:00Coast Road M.Speight & S.Jenkin I.Saunders & S.Jackson
tick 11/06/201421 Club Event19:00 Coast Road-21 S.Jenkin & M.Speight L.Anderson, M.Edwards, A.Nelson
tick 18/06/201410 Club Event 19:00Coast Road S.Jenkin & M.Speight TBA
tick 23/06/2014Gamswell HC 19:00 Gamswell    
tick 25/06/201410 Club Event19:00 Coast Road S.Jenkin & M.Speight E.Quinn, A.McBirnie
tick 02/07/201421 Club Event (Furness Trophy)19:00 Coast Road-21 M.Speight I.Saunders, P.Rodger, O.Ingham
tick 09/07/2014Inter club 25 - Levens 19:00 Levens TBC TBA
cross 13/07/2014 50 Club Event (Bramwell Trophy) 08:00 Haverthwaite-50 S.Jenkin S.Casson, P.Hercberg, N.Hercberg, R.Lindsay
tick 16/07/2014Novices/Handicap 2519:00 Haverthwaite S.Jenkin C.Furness, A.Nelson, G.Todd, C.McKenna, I.Saunders
tick 23/07/201410 Club Event (84" gear night)19:00 Haverthwaite S.Jenkin & M.Uttley A.Nelson, D.Schofield, 1 Marshal required
tick 30/07/2014Circuit of Cartmel19:00 Cartmel S.Jenkin & M.Uttley J.Husband, A.Nelson, T.Johnston, S.Casson, P.Hercberg,
N.Hercberg, C.Lindsay, C.Furness, C.McKenna
tick06/08/201410 Club Event19:00Coast Road S.Jenkin & M.Uttley D.Schofield, W.Jenkinson
tick 13/08/201421 Club Event18:30 Coast Road-21 M.Speight & S.Jenkin G.Pitcher, P.Rodger, J.Husband
tick 15/08/2014Knotallow HC 18:30 Knotallow TBC TBA
tick 20/08/201410 Club Event 18:30Coast Road S.Jenkin G.Rhodes, J.Ronald
cross 27/08/201421 Club Event *18:00 Coast Road-21 S.Jenkin & M.Speight S.Casson, G.Pitcher, J.Husband
cross 28/08/201410 Club Event (Retro Night)18:30Coast Road M.Speight & S.Jenkin L.Anderson & C.Anderson

* - Events will be used for any trophy event that is postponed.